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FAST helps companies to streamline their technology and digitization processes by offering its consultancy services.  We as a consultant will make recommendations based on our study and researches which include a detailed analysis of the situations.

We help businesses to gain a competitive edge in their respective domains by leveraging current technologies and streamlining operations.


To get success in business perfect & proper pricing your products is absolutely necessary. We help you to price your products correctly and that can enhance your sell volume.

A clear product positioning helps to create a perfect marketing strategy, which not only drives sales but also establishes the look and feel, words, and phrases of your brand in the minds of your target customers. We help you to set perfect product positioning.

The break-even point ensures total revenue and total cost are equal. We help you to with our break-even analysis to determine the number of units or amount of revenue that’s needed to cover your business’s total costs.

A strong brand strategy endorses the values of the organisation and puts it to work in the best way. Our brand strategy will elevate the importance and relevance of what is already known and believed about your business.

A company's business plan is the foundation of any company that can be used by managers and executives for internal planning. Moreover, a good business plan can speed up the loan processes from banks and other lenders as It helps to show investors that the company is good for investment. We help to guide you to think through your business strategies, evaluate basic business concepts, recognize limitations, and avoid a variety of mistakes that can happen.

Continuous competitor analysis helps to stay afloat in the business that you are in and analyses the existing market gaps. Our competitor analysis process involves evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and the competitors’.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats or SWOT  helps to audit and analyse the overall strategic position of the company and its internal/external environment. We help companies to identify the best strategies with our SWOT analysis that will align in the best possible way to their businesses.

Our Legal form Advice segment will provide vital assistance in different aspects of your business, which include basic zoning compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability.

Once you identify your startup type then you need to have an expenses plan as there are common startup costs that are unique to your business. We help you to determine profit, secure loans, attracts investors.

There are many other costs involves in your business that you may overlook at the time of setting up your business.  Our suggestions will help to focus on those aspects as we offer a comprehensive private cost analysis and suggestions.

Interested to know more about this service of ours? Eager to know how it can help you to grow your business? Let’s have a short discussion on this as you can contact us to know more and we’ll give you guidance.

Our expert assessment of IT infrastructure in data centers or employee’s workplace organization aims to help you to plan the budget requirements for IT development.  Moreover, we help you to, asses or predict the outcomes of implementing a solution and set priorities for IT project.

We offer technical & technological advice to organisation from planning to build a first product implementation through complex, multi-product IT transformation that is futuristic and practical. We guide you to automate and digitalize your operation and at the same time help to optimize your software. Moreover, we also suggest and help you to implement the latest technologies.

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